best thing about writing for CHUD, besides all the ass I get, is having the opportunity to tell you about cool movies that are coming up. Movies like The Host, the fantastic Korean monster film that is hitting US shores in just about a month. The Host really, completely and truly fucking rocks, and I am excited for it to finally come out here (I saw it in September at the New York Film Festival) so I can eventually get it on DVD!

In the meantime, there’s some cool Host-related stuff popping up on the web, like an official website. You can watch the trailer, get AIM icons, get terrific wallpapers – all the stuff that you’re used to from movie websites in this great digital age.

Then there’s the fun game for The Host, where you lob arrows at the big beastie while it hangs under a bridge, and eventually when it swims at you. There may be more levels after that, but I wouldn’t know because I totally killasized that motherfucker.

Finally, check out The Monster Hunters Club, which appears to be an honest to god cryptozoology* site which happens to be running a fun little viral campaign for The Host. I think you’ll find the stuff related to Korean monsters pretty easily.

The Host is in theaters March 9. Look for more The Host goodness on CHUD soon!

*The study of animals rumored to exist but not yet proven. Like the girl who took