We haven’t had a Dark Knight Rises post in a while, mostly since much of the “news” lately has been shit like rumors of a 4 hour cut (bullshit) or something about executives giving a screening a standing ovation (are you kidding me?). Now we’ve got some actual new art in the form of a few character photos that have been turned into standees. These don’t look to be promo theater pieces, just commercial things you could buy at Spencers or whatever. They likely come from the big photo sessions where the actors pose 40 different silly ways so the marketing department has plenty of assets for trapper-keepers and such. Here’s a set for The Dark Knight with some silly Joker/Batman poses you’ve likely never seen before.

Here we have Batman rocking his latest suit (which hasn’t changed much to my eye) and Bane in a few more muscularly dynamic poses. These super-standard-lit shots aren’t typically the most flattering to the characters, but in Bane’s case there’s no more room for doubt that he’s got the right physique. Catwoman only shows up in the smaller image above, but I’m sure we’ll get many flattering pixels of here soon.

The fact that things have been so relatively quiet on the Batman front — even with plenty of sites running the bottom-scraping stupid stuff — speaks to an odd marketing strategy from WB. They seems to be taking the more traditional blockbuster route of letting it sell itself quietly while other films do their huge pushes, and then I’m sure they’ll blow it out closer to release. It is a shame that we haven’t had the same sort of fun opportunities to engage as we did during the Dark Knight viral, but that was a very special event that couldn’t be replicated. I’m kind of glad they’re not trying, and I’m wondering if the desperate (and thus far successful) bid for secrecy has affected the effort.

Oh, and pardon the meme reference, but yeah…

Now that I’ve finally put these up, expect something super cool to come out and eclipse them in an hour.

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