Martin Riggs: The Retirement Years

Mel Gibson has done 2 films since the start of this new decade, and both weren’t successful. I haven’t seen The Beaver, but I have seen Edge Of Darkness, and I know a lot of people hated it, but it struck the right chord in me, and I found it to be a pretty great low key thriller.

Now Melvin is going back to his action roots with a movie called Get The Gringo. Formerly titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Gibson looks to be having fun in the role, and curiously this movie is bypassing theaters to go straight to Video On Demand and disc. It seems to be a conscious choice to do this rather than a studio mandate, and despite all the troubles he’s had in the recent past, Melvin is still a name actor. He’s probably just testing the waters to see if he can have a success on video, then he can go onto making that Viking movie.

Here’s the trailer.

source: ew