JOnes loves Sax.Box Office Mojo, bastion of all box office number references, has either been doing some deductive reasoning or has the inside track on George Lucas and friends.

The site has posted a release date for the long-rumored, much skepticised Indiana Jones IV: May 22, 2008.

Variety reported back on January first that with the completion of a script, Spielberg and crew were looking to shoot in June with an eye toward a May release. Looks like they were right on this one.

While the date isn’t officially confirmed yet, word from the Jones cabal is that shooting will indeed begin in June, a May 22 (the Thursday of the eve of Memorial Day weekend) schedule bares the Lucas release date Hallmark. There’s no doubt with Harrison Fords age, a finished script, George Lucas’ insatiable desire to print money and a fast-track from Paramount the date is feasible, especially given the fact Steven Spielberg’s shoot fast ask questions later schedule of War of the Worlds shows a big budget film can be done and turned out in record time. Plus, we know Harrison Ford isn’t doing anything.

Is it a reality? Is today the day you can officially mark your calendars and start jonesing for the first Indy fix in almost 20 years? I remain a skeptic, but it feels like "Yes".

Updated: Steven Awalt, editor of, contacted me with news he did receive confirmation of this date directly from the offices of Steven Spielberg. In addition, May 22, 2008 is the worldwide release date, so no waiting for anyone.