Leave it to the man to tel Old Dirty’s story through the eyes of a 22-year-old white kid, but sure enough Wu’s most dirty (and stinkin’) member is getting the cinematic treatment. The good news is that this odd story of a VH1 intern getting wrapped up in the filthy rapper’s adventures in ill rhymes, crack use, and child-support dodging is apparently completely true. Even better is that Ole Dirty will be played by none other than Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.

The story apparently begins (as it should) in prison where Dirty is visited by a white kid with a pitch for a reality show. Year later the kid, Jarred Weisfeld, is not only ODB’s manager but an executive producer on a ton of hip-hop albums and is producing TV shows across several networks. No word on who will play Weisfeld, but I’m sure they’re looking for some younger name actor to buoy the project in the sea of commercial marketability. Pictures of Weisfeld are hard to come by, but I could imagine anyone from Jesse Eisenberg to Joseph Gordon-Levitt taking on a role like this (though the film is small, so they may have to shoot a bit lower on the pay-grade).

The film will be directed by Joaquin Baca-Asay, a successful commercial and music video director known for his hip-hop videos like the award-winning “99 Problems” with Jay-Z.

There is a comparison to 8 Mile meets Risky Business but to me this is sounding more like the recent actioner Safe House, in which Ryan Reynolds got wrapped up in the professional espionage/terrorism plots of Denzel Washington. Imagine the same movie, except with a naive, corporate-ladder white boy following along with the kind of shit ODB would get up to in place of car chases and microchip theft…

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Source | Deadline (via AV Club)