You can’t be a successful, neurotic young actor without taking your turn to hop into Woody Allen’s pants (figuratively… for the most part… I assume…). With an Oscar nomination and several successful leading turns, Jesse Eisenberg starring in an Allen flick seems particularly natural, especially since he might be the most genuinely Allen-like young actor in quite some time. Eisenberg will be starring in one of the four vignettes that make up the director’s next film To Rome With Love, with Ellen Page and Alec Baldwin also clearly a part of his story.

I’m not sure how the vignettes cross over (if they do at all), but Roberto Benigni, Greta Gerwig, Penelope Cruz, Alison Pill, and Judy Davis also star in segments of the film. Our first look at a few of them suggest Allen has put together another straightforward, warmly shot Euro romance. I wasn’t as head-over-heels for Midnight In Paris as many that found more to love in its slight tale of self-realization, though I did appreciate that it kind of snuck its anti-nostalgia themes past the Academy in an Oscar year that was all about nostalgia and venerating the departed past.

One would assume this will get a fairly decent push since it has a very strong cast and will be Woody’s follow-up to his most commercially successful film ever. I expect we’ll get a trailer soon for a better idea of what this film’s all about.

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Source | Collider