you’ve been hanging around these parts for a little while, you’ll remember that I did extensive interviews with Paul Greengrass when he was set to direct an adaptation of Watchmen (way back when it was still set up at Paramount). When that project didn’t happen we stayed in touch and I ended up doing another lengthy set of interviews with him, this time for United 93.

That ended up being an exciting series of interviews, and I ended up visiting the set while they were filming at Newark Airport – it was obvious just from talking to Paul that this was a movie that would mean something, that would be historic and powerful.

United 93 has since come out and won over many of the doubters, and is now nominated for two Oscars – Best Editing and Best Director for Greengrass. As Oscar night looms, Newmarket Press has published United 93: The Shooting Script, a fascinating book that details the making of this film… with a little help from yours truly.

Newmarket contacted me and asked to use some of my interview for the Q&A section of the book; I obviously jumped at the opportunity. Just to have my name remotely associated with a film like this is a major honor. What’s doubly cool is that the interview is in the middle of a pretty nifty book – huge chunks of United 93 were improvised, so Greengrass’ script contains interesting thoughts and descriptions. Plus the book also has a lengthy essay by the film’s researcher about listening to the real air traffic control tapes of the incident, Greengrass’ initial treatment, and reviews by people like Martin Amis, David Denby and Stephen King. What company I keep!

You can buy United 93: The Shooting Script at most major booksellers in your area, or you can order it from CHUD by clicking here.