was only a matter of time before Severin Films ran into some trouble. Calling themselves the “Criterion of Smut,” the new DVD label puts out wonderful editions of extremely naughty movies like Just Jaeckin’s legendary Gwendoline and the adult cartoon Once Upon a Girl. This week they ran into some moralist outrage with their latest DVD release, Immoral Women, Walerian Borowczyk’s follow-up to the outrageous Immoral Tales. The cover of Immoral Women, which was created using the film’s original 1979 poster, was deemed too racy by a “prominent US retailer” (Severin isn’t saying who but it can’t be Wal-Mart, as I imagine they wouldn’t carry this in the first place), and the chain promptly shipped back all their copies of the DVD. Now Severin is left to ponder whether to do another pressing of the DVD with a different, more toned down cover. That would make the current edition an instant collector’s item.

Meanwhile, the DVD label found themselves kicked out of the facility that was subtitling the raunchy X-rated edition of Emanuelle Around the World, intended to be part of the Black Emanuelle’s Box set. The subtitlers found the film to have ‘inappropriate content,’ and so Severin is forced to find someone else to do the job. The Box is due on March 27th, and the label doesn’t know if this will mean they will have to delay the whole set. Emanuelle Around the World is also known as Emanuelle Versus Violence to Women, which is too good a title to go unused. It’s directed by notorious sleaze-meister Joe d’Amato, the man who once made a XXX version of Hamlet. Really.

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