Bros cleaned house on two superhero properties this week – not long after Joss Whedon announced that he was off the Wonder Woman movie, David Goyer chimed in with the news that he was no longer involved in The Flash.

For many people this is good news – there’s a lot of anti-Goyer sentiment out there on the internet, which I find hilarious. You see a lot of love for Batman Begins and then a lot of dismissal of Goyer, who wrote the first draft and a half and who told me in an interview that 75% of the finished movie is his material. I’m sort of the opposite – I don’t like a lot of what Goyer has written outside of the Blade films (I think Dark City is junk, and I think Batman Begins collapses in the third act like a Jenga game gone wrong), but I tend to like him and believe that he honestly gets comic book properties and does his damndest with them.

Goyer and WB fell out over old-fashioned creative issues; they didn’t like his script. There’s no word on who might be taking over the character’s development, and unlike Wonder Woman there isn’t another script waiting in the wings. One of the biggest bummers about Goyer leaving the project is the fact that he’s probably taking Ryan Reynolds with him. I think Reynolds would make an amazing Wally West.

The news comes just a couple of months before the release of Goyer’s next film, the teen thriller The Invisible, whose trailer is actually sort of a little disturbing. Expect plenty more info from him as he heads out on the junket circuit to sell this sucker.