I’ll buy it.

That’s Joseph Gordon Levitt in the film Looper, Rian Johnson’s new science fiction film that had all the lucky film bloggers who saw it last year just wetting their panties. I’m embarrassingly eager to see it myself, with word that it’s excellent making the wait all the more unbearable.

In any event, these pictures show Levitt in his Bruce Willis make-up. He plays a younger version of Willis that works with time-traveling mobsters to wack people brought back to the past so there will be no dead body in the future. The problem comes when Joe (JGL) finds they’ve sent back his future self for disposal…

I’m happy with these pictures – it’s just enough make-up tinkering to link the two actors together a bit without stripping JGL of any believability. I will say the eyebrows are a bit much in the bigger version of the above pic, but no biggie. Really though, this is all just more teases and stalling until I can put the movie in my eyeballs on September 28th. The first teaser trailer debuted this weekend at Wondercon, and you can expect that to be released to the public in Mid-April.

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