“This is madness!”


Coming in a few weeks is Zack Snyder’s take on Frank Miller’s 300 – the epic story of 300 Spartans who stand between Greece and a massive invading army of Persians. Snyder has taken Miller’s imagery and reproduced it onscreen, much like Miller and Robert Rodriguez did with Sin City. I haven’t seen the whole film, but what I have seen looks just plain gorgeous.

We’re happy to give a number of readers the chance to win copies not just of Frank Miller’s original graphic novel, but also a copy of 300: The Art of the Film, which contains 200 pages of production photos, concept art and more. It’s a stunning visual guidebook to taking a comic book and breathing life to it on screen.

Both books come courtesy of Dark Horse. For more on Dark Horse’s Frank Miller comics and merch, visit their Frank Miller Zone by clicking here.

How can you win BOTH of these? Simply send me your name and mailing address to devin@chud.com with 300 in the subject line. This contest will run for the next couple of weeks, and you can enter up to once a day. Get mailing!