the second
Batman film inches closer to production, casting rumors are
intensifying for the juiciest of the new characters, particularly
current-friend-of-Bruce/future-foe of Bats Harvey “Two-Face”
Dent. Both Eion Bailey and Jamie Foxx’s names have been mentioned for
the role, but a new name seems to have drifted to the front of the

The same guys who
scooped everyone on Katie Holmes being shown the door –
LatinoReview – now have word that the leading contender for the role
of Harvey Dent is none other than man’s man Aaron Eckhart.

It’s not
solidified yet, but should this pan out, it would bring me just as
much joy as when I found out that Christian Bale got the role of
Batman. Ever since his initial promise in the first couple Neil
LaBute flicks, Eckhart has bounced from one dreadful role (Molly,
The Core
) to another (Paycheck, Suspect Zero) with a tiny
glimmer of hope or two (Thank You For Smoking) to keep us from
writing him off completely. This should be the quality mainstream
flick he’s been in search of for sometime. And as for the specifics
of the role, he’d be both charismatic enough to be attorney Dent and
physically and emotionally intense enough to make Two-Face a real
equal to Batman.

For now, we just
gotta hope and wait for this to materialize, hopefully along the same
timeframe the Holmes rumors took to become reality.