Ferrell’s upcoming New
Line comedy
seems to add comics like Tyra Banks is adding pounds.
Today, the cast grew just a little bit bigger with the addition of
Rob Corddry of
The Daily Show
fame. Interestingly enough and much like this week’s other notable
addition, Will Arnett, Corddry is getting a dry run by
appearing in Ferrell’s
Blades of Glory
first. But in Semi-Pro, Corddry will be playing a rival to Woody Harrelson’s

I’m still
undecided on Corddry. I think he’s funny, but his particular shtick
on The Daily Show didn’t seem distinguishable from any of the other
recent correspondents. I never bothered to catch the ultra-low budget
paintball comedy (Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story) he did,
and his upcoming Seth MacFarlane-helmed Fox show The Winner
seems to be missing actual jokes from the commercials I’ve seen.
Still, this guy is landing in everything from this to the Harold &
Kumar sequel to everything in between. If he can keep up with the
stellar cast in this flick, he’s going to do fine, I suspect.

You’d have to dig
a bit in the press release to get to this next bit, but another
comedian has joined the cast as well. DeRay Davis – who you
probably wouldn’t know unless you keep up with underground black
comics – joins the team as a showboating baller who costs the team
many fouls. Sigh. Just keep his “jive-ness” to a minimum, I beg
you. Either that or give him a dance sequence where he expresses his
love for KFC and white women. Don’t half-ass it, you bastards.