When I pull out my dusty DVD copies of The Professional (fairly often) and Subway (not so often) I feel like I’m falling back in time. There’s a whole generation of CHUD readers who aren’t old enough to remember when Luc Besson directed movies instead of just producing, writing and buying them. I barely remember it myself.

After vacating the director’s chair with the one-two suck punch (not a typo) of The Fifth Element and The Messenger, Besson is back. Actually, he’s been back since 2005, when Angel-A was released in countries where people speak more than one language.

Now, with Besson’s adaptation of Arthur and the Invisibles set to gouge kiddie wallets, Sony Pictures Classics is finally dumping…er, unveiling Angel-A to American audiences.

Actually, it’s dumping — just look at this poster. Either this is a Wings of Desire/Othello mash-up or Sony has hired the same image wizards who made Anna Nicole Smith not look like a whore for about 30 seconds when she posed for Guess back in the early ’90s. That seems like a good idea, sure, but this poster is boring and obvious compared to the elegance of the original promo image. (See for yourself.)

If the poster doesn’t bore you off, head on over to Sony’s site to see the official trailer. Limited runs begin in New York and LA on March 23, with the film platforming out over the spring.