Summer time is probably the most exciting part of the year for moviegoers. Typically we get everything we want: BIG movies, BIG action, BIG stories, and BIG romance. So what have we got this summer? Pretty much none of the above. Middle of July is quickly approaching, summers halfway point and what the hell has happened?

Yes I know we had Iron Man… with its whopping half hour in total of action and one of the most boring climaxes of all superhero movies. Oh wait there was The Incredible Hulk with the last half hour of action which was cool to see but never got me involved. Oh yea the triumphant return of a boring Lucasfied Indy. Thanks for that turd. Will Smith to the rescue right? What with his lack luster superhero movie? Don’t come to the big dance with your B game Peter Berg. Thank goodness for Wanted with its unfortunate use of super unrealistic action, but at least I was thrilled with their good use of it throughout. Are we all waiting for one movie? Will The Dark Knight be the only great BIG summer movie?

Here is what I want and what I miss. I miss the BIG movie. You know the one where everything is at stake. I want the world to be in danger and I want to be concerned on a personal level that we won’t make it(Armageddon, Independence Day, hell even Day After Tomorrow). I miss BIG action. I want someone facing impossible odds and doing everything it takes to beat those odds. I want big explosions, big guns, and big heroes and I want it to feel real(Transformers, Bourne Trilogy, X2). I miss BIG stories. I want to see elaborate stories with a bunch of characters unfold right before my eyes and the ending I never saw coming blows my mind(Casino Royale, The Incredibles, Oceans Trilogy). Above all this though I want and miss one thing: BIG romance. I want the guy who always wanted that beautiful girl. I want to see him believe he will never get her then BOOM get that opportunity. I want him to fight against everything thrown in his way to be with her for just one intense night. I want her to finally realize after that night that everything is going to be O.K. because after what felt like years of waiting now WE HAVE EACH OTHER.

Summer movies are about giving us the moviegoer what we want most, the excitement that we don’t have in our lives. For a brief time we escape in to the biggest adventures possible and leave that theater wanting our own. If we’re lucky we may finally have that adventure. Maybe everything will turn out alright and maybe, just maybe, that beautiful girl will be with me.