That's right! Expendables 2 is R-rated, bitches!

*Special thanks to felix from The B-Action Thread for this info.

The title says it all gents. After the meltdown us action fans had when Sly said The Expendables 2 would be PG-13, it seems that he’s come to his senses and put it back as an R.

However, in the esteemed B-Action Thread on the message board, a whole bunch of us have been theorizing that this whole thing has just been a ploy to drum up even more interest in the film. As has been pointed out previously, the first film was pushed to an R-rating with some CGI enhanced gore and a few bits of profanity.

In any event, we can all relax and be comfortable in the knowledge that when August rolls around, we can see Sly, Arnold, Bruno, and everyone else, including the now hated Carlos Ray Norris, and the esteemed Jean-Claude Van Damme playing JEAN VILAIN in a balls to the wall carnage filled R-rated film. Just the way things were always meant to be.

All is right in the world.

source: stallonezone