MartinChina is currentyl receiving their first legal dose of Bond uncut and uncesnored. Casino Royale premiered on Monday and despite pirated DVDs being preemptively available for weeks, the whole thing is going over like 007’s fingers on a brastrap.

Amidst all the hubbub, director Martin Campbell killed speculation rumors and let the crowd know he would probably let the directing duties pass on for the next Bond adventure. What? Bond without Campbell? What’s going on?

Never fear. Campbell’s firm guidance of Goldeneye and Casino Royale may have put 007 back on track, but give the guy a break. Who wants to be boxed in to directing James Bond from here to eternity. Allow Campbell some creative freedom to get back to the hard stuff like
Vertical Limit and let’s start prognosticating on who the next Bond director will be and whether or not he’ll step the franchise up or crash it into the ground.

The next James Bond is well under way and plans to begin shooting early 2008 for a November 7, 2008 release date.