PooperThere’s been a lot of crappy sci fi comedies over the years. Men in Black sequels, Pluto Nash, Underworld and Ultraviolet. But at least none of them ever featured the horrible gimmick of a time traveling port-a-potty.

Until now.

Dreamworks has picked up Gullible’s Travels, the story of the most gullible man in all the land. And he’s a time traveler in a port-a-potty with a mission to save his lady-love. If you think that’s funny you’ll love the next part– as he travels, the crazy fool thinks his lady-love in the future and past is actually his lady friends relatives. Hilarious!

And that’s the synopsis. Honest.

Despite all my affectionate snark, in most cases I’m usually a guy who lets a movie prove itself before I give it the dual clampwrench tittie twister of condemnation, sight unseen. But man. They lost me at time-traveling port-a-potty. The zaniness of an idiot getting his lady confused with relatives was just the icing on its poop cake.

Gullible’s Travels (not to be confused with any actual books or travel guides out there) was written by the duo of Ron Friedman and Steve Bencich, the same guys who wrote
Open Season and Chicken Little. They’re quite the salesman as well, having sold off scripts to Disney and Warner Bros. to boot. Still, the sale of their retard in a port-a-potty script has got to make them eligible for some kind of sales pitch of the year award.

Thankfully, there’s no word on shooting, casting or even production.