Jordana and her eyebrows.Mr. & Mrs. Smith: The TV Show! is all kinds of serious about taking a big league crack at your viewership and TV advertising dollars. Having recently announced plans (read the story here) to make the Pitt/Jolie movie a boob tube adaption of the insanely good-looking super-assasins just trying to get by with a l’il love and some help from their family therapist, ABC has grabbed Jordana Brewster to star.

With her cute and slinky look, the obvious assumption is that Brewster will be filling the role of Mrs. Smith. The assasin once known as Angelina Jolie may seem like a big cup size to fill, but a TV spot might just be a better fit for Brewster, as her big screen presence, while lovely, has always felt better suited for the small screen. It will be interesting to see how the series feels as she steps out from the hot girl/girlfriend role and into something meatier (as meaty as Mr. & Mrs. Smith can get). As for me, she just feels too "cute girl". But ABC’s doing the hiring, so if they think she’s the one, best of luck to them. The show’s success is resting, in part, on the shoulders of the chops I haven’t seen in any of her movies.

Expect further casting announcements to be coming down the pike shortly as Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s TV exploits will begin shooting in the next few months.