few days ago, an announcement went out about a new Mario Bello/Ray Liotta movie called Downloading Nancy in which she would play a suicidal woman who meets a man over the Internet and hires him to kill her. Unfortunately, they actually develop a relationship and he doesn’t have a PayPal account, so problems happen.

I made the PayPal bit up.


Now, it turns out that the cast has been revamped and Jason Patric and Danny Huston are on board, with Patric most likely filling in the shoes of Ray Liotta, who is absent from today’s release about the film. In any case, it’s to be the feature debut by Johan Renck, who’s directed a bunch of really slick videos for mostly European pop/rock acts. There are a couple of late-period Madonna videos on his CV too, but as I have paid zero attention to her for some time, I can’t recall ever having seen them.