Sena rarely makes movies. It was seven years between Kalifornia, his first film, and Gone in Sixty Seconds.* It was only a year until his next movie – Swordfish – but the guy has been out of the game for the last six years. We were all happy, but we knew that Sena would strike again. But why now? And why with this movie?

“This movie” is Whiteout, based on Greg Rucka’s excellent graphic novel. In the comic, US Marshall Carrie Stetko is assigned to Antarctica, where she uncovers the continent’s first ever murder. It’s a gripping mystery, with an exciting and unique setting. And Carrie is a great character – a troubled and normal woman, not at all a glamorous sexpot. So of course Sena wants Kate Beckinsale for the role. That, as they say, is fucking retarded.

Sadly, this looks set in stone. The movie will begin shooting in March, so unless Dominic Sena has pity on us all and resigns, any hope we once had for Rucka’s graphic novel turned movie must be ritually prepared and burned. Vaya con dios, the possibility of a decent Whiteout movie.

*Genius needs time to percolate, obviously.