Mama.With Renny-Harlin craziness that is the hit and miss mostly miss lately, (The Excorcist: The Beginning, Mindhunters, The Covenant), Harlin’s pushing through his nine lives like they’re braided belts and the knots that dangle them (there’s no denying– you know you wore them). The guy rebounds flop after flop and still gets hired. There’s something to be said for charm, I guess. Last month we rounded up a note on the casting of his multi-producer (6 to be exact) laden project The Cleaner:

Brick chinned Ed “Your History of Violence Eye scares me” Harris has signed on to participate in the upcoming Samuel L. Jackson film The Cleaner. Harris will be playing a detective who takes an interest in Mr. Jackson’s character and gets all entangled in a big ol’ cover-up in Louisiana.

The Cleaner continues to load up the paddy wagon with casting galore and has added Eva "Holy Cuteness!" Mendes and Christa "You’ve Probably Seen Me Naked" Campbell to the project. Mendes will play the hot wife of the man around which the whole conspiracy revolves and, since Samuel L. cleaned up the crime scene which went unreported, comes to murder janitor himself for the services only he can provide. Campbell, in a smaller role, will be filling out the tight shirt of Samuel L.’s daughters coach, whatever that means.

The Cleaner is currently on-site and sinking money into Louisiana’s economy in a post-Cedric effort to wipe the slate for films titled The Cleaner. Success is not gauranteed.