a successful debut under his belt (the Dawn of the Dead remake) and excitement for his stylized adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300 at a good level, Snyder is in a good place in Hollywood right now. Accordingly, Warners, who’s not only making 300 but also Watchmen,
with Snyder has decided to give his production shingle, Cruel and
Unusual Pictures (It’s no Maguire Entertainment, I tell ya. Where’s the
panache?) a home at the lot.

It’s a juicy two-year first look deal with Zack and his wife Deborah as
co-presidents. Given how profitable glossy genre filmmaking is these
days and given Snyder’s proficiency, it’s a really smart move by
Warners to lock this guy down. I haven’t seen 300
yet, and I really am indifferent to debates over the focus on style in
the trailers, but I think you have to acknowledge that this guy has a
great eye and an ability to pick rock solid material (one of the most
underrated skills a director can possess). Plus, he seems to make stuff worth talking about regardless of whether you hate it or love it.

He looks to be one to watch,
and it’s good to know he’ll have a regular home to get his projects
beyond Watchmen made.