the fall we brought you the news that Joe Carnahan would be directing an adaptation of White Jazz, James Ellroy’s sequel to LA Confidential. Later it was announced that George Clooney would be starring as dirty cop Dave Klein, sending interest in the film through the roof. Carnahan has said that he would like to see Guy Pearce return as Ed Exley, a character he played in Curtis Hanson’s film version LA Confidential who makes his return in Jazz.

But does Pearce want to come back? He’s not too sure. I asked him about it today at the New York City press conference for his new movie, Factory Girl, where he plays Andy Warhol.

"It’s been mentioned to me, but I haven’t read the script yet,” he said. “I ultimately don’t feel hugely compelled to revisit any character I’ve played before, really – but having said that it would depend on how it was realized, I guess.”

Word is that the script is great, and Exley has a pretty large role, so it would be great to have Pearce back. Somehow I imagine that with a look at the script – and a decent paycheck – Guy Pearce will be very happy to get back into the LAPD.