Oh shit, Hunger Games is already breaking more dawn than Twilight!

We’re still over a week away from the mega-release of the inevitable mega-hit Hunger Games, and already midnight IMAX screenings across the country are sold out. The 279 massive screens will be part of the film’s March 23rd release, but the film has only a week on the bigger screens before Wrath of the Titans demands the space. Since it’s clear there’s tons of money to be made, IMAX will be pushing screenings into the wee hours to milk more of that midnight release dough, adding screenings at 3am following the midnight openings.

There are gonna be some droopy-eyed little Hunger Games fans greeting the morning sun come March 23rd. Those 3am tickets should be available now to pre-order if you’re into that sort of thing.

In other interesting Hunger Games news, MTV spoke with director Gary Ross about his ideas for the sequels, but all they really got of him was that the franchise will remain 2D forever ever.

“Absolutely not. Never. I don’t think it’s appropriate for this film. I think that if we shoot this film in 3D then we become the capital- we start making spectacle out of something that I don’t think is really appropriate here. There needs to be an aesthetic distance here, because of the nature of the material, the premise, what they’re doing. I think that the sort of cinematic techniques designed to intensify the experience, if you feel them that way aren’t really appropriate. I mean, I love 3D, I really do. I think it’s a wonderful tool, I just don’t think it’s the right tool for this.”

…and a million parents just let out a $3-per-ticket sigh of relief…

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Source | THR