What little I know about The Garbage Pail Kids is that they were a series of cards released in the 80’s that got parents in an uproar for being so disgusting. Of course when you try to ban something or make it controversial, that always makes it popular, and when something is popular, it becomes a movie.

Thus we were led to The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. A real boring piece of crap that I blind bought from Best Buy last October. Not entertaining in the least it was a flop of disastrous proportions and if there was a sequel planned, it was quickly scuttled.

Now there’s going to be a remake of said piece of crap film.

Michael Eisner is handling the film, It’s going to be directed by a gent named PES (single named directors are usually a bad sign. I’ll Tarsem a bit of credit though, because he does good visuals). This guy apparently has made waves with some shorts he’s directed. With such engaging titles as FRESH GUACAMOLE, ROOF SEX, and WESTERN SPAGHETTI.

There is sure to be a lot of nostalgia for people who grew up with The Garbage Pail Kids, and why not, I’ll give this remake a look. It’s got to be better than the original. They can only go up from there.

It would be a long shot to expect them to make something as gleefully insane from this trading card product like what was done with Mars Attacks.

source: Deadline