16:26 asks "For
what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his
own soul?" Micah 1:29:07 asks "What the hell kind of idiot would
voluntarily enter into a bargain where he would get neither?"

In this weird world we live in, I try not to be surprised at the
lengths people go to to garner attention, but this particular story
threw me a smidgen. Apparently, there’s a man named Gerald Fraller who
decided that life wasn’t working out and that we – as humans – were
concerned about the wrong things and to fix it, he decided to dedicate
his life to public service and charity.

No, I’m joking. That’s just ridiculous. Of course, Gerald decided to
sell his soul on the Internet. Duh. You can check it out for yourself
at (Full
Disclosure: I had already snatched up You see, by commodifying the
delicious filling to his mortal coil, Gerald fancies that he’s doing
this for others because he’ll take a portion of the proceeds and start a
foundation to "address issues of depression in our society." The rest
of the money he gets will be used to "improve his life."

Tobey Maguire got wind of this and decided to jump to the head of the
line by optioning this guy’s story for his Maguire Entertainment.
There’s not even a script or studio yet, but the producers see it –
oddly enough – as "
about someone who does this, and then learns it’s perhaps not the best thing to sell one’s soul."

No way!