Cusack's going out of his MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!1408 sounds like a significant number. I tried coming up with some trivia for the lead in, but could only come up with boring stuff like a bill from Oregon Senator Gordon Smith, introduced "to strengthen data protection and safeguards, require data breach notification, and further prevent identity theft" (it’s still pending). It’s also the year the Order of the Dragon was introduced (made famous by Vlad Dracul and featured in the opening of Bram Stoker’s Dracula). But the real reason we’re here is that it’s also a room number at the Dolphin Hotel in the upcoming film 1408. A room that happens to hold a slasher (and CHUD man!) Clint Howard look-alike, a painting full of seawater, an air duct system holding jumping corpses and, judging from the trailer, John Cusack’s piss-soaked drawers.

Devin reported on Samuel L. Jacksons signing to the project back in April of 06 (feel the love here). If there was a wait for 1408, it will soon be over and there’s a trailer to prove it.

Based on a Stephen King short story (it’s a writer and he’s going maaaaaad… maybe)
L. plays the Hotel Manager of The Dolphin, where John Cusack ‘s
paranormal writer checks in to experience the mythos around why every one of 42 people who checked into room
1408 commited suicide or died, all while trying to cope with the death of his daughter. Not sure why they didn’t shut room 1408 down at, say, the 7th death, but Cusack’s probably in for a long night.
1408 was bumped from a May release date to July 13th- right in the thick of Transformers sure to be powerful jetwash of domination. Either Dimension thinks 1408 is a keeper, or Dimension is giving Cusack and company a big and beefy steamroller.

Swedish director Mikael Håfström of Derailed infamy directed and looks to have filled the movie with all kinds of silent screaming insanity, craziness and jump scares. A lot of it is old hat for horror officianados, and you can see it all for yourself with the 1408 trailer right here.