Welcome to another
Special Edition. This is my second column and is a little more of what you
should expect to see from now on. We start with this week’s new releases,
including the definitive edition of The Passion of the Christ and
the release of the great Pedro Almodovar box set. Each week, the column will
look at different areas of future releases, with this week’s column focusing on
the recently announced Oscar nominees. Then we move to the return of the
Bargain Bin (which is a work in progress) and then I finish off by answering a
few e-mails (which you can send to Chud1@starvingdogs.biz.)
Well, without much further introduction, onto the Special Edition.

Passion of the ChrisTHE PASSION OF THE
CHRIST (Two-Disc Definitive Edition)

Directed by Mel Gibson

It is the double dip that
everyone knew was coming. The only question was when. I really thought they
should have released this last Easter, to coincide with – you know that actual
event. What better marketing tool could you ask for to target their preferred
audience? Or how about releasing it around Christmas? What better way to
celebrate the birth of Christ, than by getting a new edition of the movie where
he is beaten and tortured and eventually dies for all our sins? But, now we get
it on January 30, just in time to celebrate … uh, the anniversary of the day
Adolf Hitler is sworn in as Chancellor of Germany? While it is labeled
torture-porn by some, many consider it anti-Semitic (see Smilin’ Jack Ruby’s review).
For those who don’t know, Jim Caviezel plays Jesus Christ in this depiction of
the last days of his life. The movie is full of beatings, lashings, suffering
and pain. As a matter of fact, the Latin origins of the word Passion is
suffering and pain (thanks Roger Ebert). Why would
anyone want to voluntarily watch a film that is nothing but the brutal torture
and murder of a man who taught peace and love? Ask the bus full of Christians
that will surely make the trip to their local Wal-Mart on Tuesday to buy all
the copies of this movie that are available and they will tell you that it is
because it shows them the pain and suffering that one man went through to save
their souls. I think it is because people like to torture themselves in the
name of their religion. Most religion preaches love and forgiveness. This movie
is for the other side, the religion that preaches fear and damnation. However,
the reason I am buying this DVD is because of the special features that we are
given. Despite the theme, the movie remains a beautiful looking picture with
scenes of gore that would rival any horror movie. The extra features include
commentary from the filmmakers (Mel Gibson included), the producers, the music
team and with theologians, as well. On the second disk you get featurettes over
everything you could want. Try to beat the busses full of believers, or just
wait a week until every Christian has been told by their ministers to rush out
and buy it. But if you want a version of this movie, this is the one to grab.

  • MSRP: $26.98
  • Enhanced Viewing Mode
    Featuring Biblical Footnotes
  • Filmmaker Commentary with
    Director Mel Gibson, Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel and Editor John
  • Production Commentary
    Featuring Stephen McEeevty, Ted Rae and Keith Vanderlaan
  • Theologian Commentary with
    Mel Gibson, Father William J. Fulco, Gerry Matatics and Father John
  • Music Commentary on Selected
    Scenes with John Debney
  • Exclusive Documentary By
    His Wounds We Are Healed: Making Of The Passion Of The Christ
  • The Legacy Featurette
  • Still Photo Galleries
  • Deleted Scenes and More


by Jonathan Demme

How many
versions of Silence of the Lambs do we need? Maybe they are
trying to rival The Evil Dead movies, but how much money do they
expect to squeeze out of us. This version is being released in conjuncture with
the cinema release of Hannibal Rising. What I want to do here is take you on a
journey with me as I decide if it is worth buying. The original disk released
in 1997 had nothing on it to note. Then came the disk that I have relied on all
these years, the Criterion Collection. Surely that would be the final say in
special editions. It included commentary by Demme, Jodie Foster, Anthony
Hopkins, screenwriter Ted Tally and FBI agent John Douglas. It is one of the
worst commentary tracks I have listened to since all it does is take quotes
from the individuals and paste them throughout the movie. No flow at all. It
also has deleted scenes and a number of features about the FBI and serial
killers. Three years later came the Special Edition, released to coincide with
the release of
Hannibal on DVD. It includes deleted
scenes, a making of documentary and a featurette. Now we get a 2-Disk
Collector’s Edition. We lose the commentary that Criterion gave us, but the
documentaries and featurettes seem to dwarf the previous attempts at the film.
I am sure no one needs to be told the plot, but I will anyway. An FBI agent
(Jodie Foster) is attempting to profile a serial killer known as Buffalo Bill
(Mayor Ted Levine) and interviews former serial killer and cannibal Hannibal
Lecter (Sir Anthony Hopkins) to try to learn more about the psyche of the
serial killer. Is this DVD worth the quadruple dip? I’d say yes. Grab it and
enjoy special features that will keep you occupied for hours. By the way, get
ready for dip five as the Blu-Ray edition comes out in April, with features
still to be determined.

  • MSRP: $26.98
  • Includes a four-page booklet and exclusive Hannibal
    Lecter recipe cards
  • Inside the Labyrinth making of documentary
  • Two part "Page to Screen" documentary
  • Jonathan Demme and Jodie Foster three-part
  • Scoring the Silence featurette
  • Original 1991 making-of featurette
  • 22 deleted scenes
  • Outtakes
  • TV spots
  • Anthony Hopkins phone message
  • Trailers


by Tony Bill

The first
time I heard of this movie, Dave Davis called it the $60 million indie. Then I
saw the trailers and then it was in theaters and then it was gone. The $60
million indie walked away with a cool $13 million box office take and was left
with mostly lukewarm reviews. The movie’s plot involves the adventures of young
Americans who volunteered for the French military before the
U.S. entered World War I, and became
the country’s first fighter pilots. It is directed by former pilot Tony Bill,
and the main reason to view this movie is the dogfights. These shots from the
trailer alone look beautiful, with colors contrasting with the grays of the
time. I imagine this is a movie that will look gorgeous on an HD television.
And sure enough, it is available on Blu-Ray. The main problems of reviewers are
the storyline, but if you wondered what Hell’s Angels would look
like if it was shot today, give this a try. Just don’t expect a plot that
matches that classic movie’s brilliance.

Regular Edition

  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Audio Commentary by Director Tony Bill and Producer
    Dean Devlin
  • 15 minutes of deleted scenes
  • Short Documentary on Real Life Airmen
  • Short Documentary on the SFX
  • Miniature Stunt Pilot Feature

Two-Disk Collector’s Edition

  • MSRP: $39.98
  • Audio Commentary by Director Tony Bill and Producer
    Dean Devlin
  • Real Heroes: The True Story of the Lafayette Escadrille Featurette
  • Life of a Miniature Stunt Pilot Featurette
  • Whiskey and Soda- The Lion Mascots Featurette
  • Taking Flight- The Making of a Flying Sequence
  • The Real Planes of Flyboys Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Flyboys Squadron DVD-ROM Game

Blu-Ray Edition

  • MSRP: $39.98
  • Audio Commentary with Director Tony Bill and Producer
    Dean Devlin
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Real Heroes: The True Story of the Lafayette Escadrille
  • The Life of a Miniatures Stunt Pilot
  • Whiskey and Soda: The Lion Mascots
  • Taking Flight: The Making of a Flying Sequence
  • The Real Planes of Flyboys


by John Bonito

is the
WWE’s second movie under their WWE Films banner. Much like MTV before them, the
WWE felt it had something it could offer the world of film entertainment. With
a number of potential actors under contract, they decided they could make
movies with their own stars and cash in on the built in fan base. Their first
film, See No Evil starred bad guy wrestler Kane, who tried to stay
in character through all the movie’s promotion and it paid off with a $15
million box office built by wrestling fans and horror fans in general. The
tried a different point of attack, taking one of it’s most
popular stars and putting him in a big action flick that looked much like any
straight-to-DVD movie by Brian Bosworth or Steven Seagal. Without the built in
horror audience to help boost the wrestling fans, would it succeed? The movie
made about the same amount of money See No Evil made, while
costing more. Will it be a successful DVD? It should, since that is what this
type of movie is made for. In this film, a group of diamond thieves on the run
(led by Terminator II’s Robert Patrick) kidnap the wife of a
recently discharged marine (wrestler John Cena) who goes on a chase through the
South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her. It involves gun fights, car chases
and explosions that should provide hours of entertainment with the friends on a
late Friday night. Turn off the brain and watch the carnage.

Unrated Edition and Blu-Ray Edition

  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Feature audio commentary with director John Bonito
    and cast members John Cena and Kelly Carlson
  • The Making of the Marine
  • John Cena Profile
  • John Cena Military History
  • Cena Basic Training
  • Cena’s Aussie Day Off
  • World Premiere at Camp Pendleton
  • Stuck in the Elevator
  • WWE Promotional Features
  • Theatrical Trailer


In a year
that gave us great animated movies such as Happy Feet, Monster
and Golden Globe winner Cars, Open Season
just fell a little short. That didn’t stop the kids from dragging their parents
to the theaters, but $84 million has to be considered a disappointment in the
animation business. An anti-hunting film that features a grizzly bear named
Boog (voiced by Martin Lawrence), domesticated by a park ranger, helps his deer
friend Elliot (voiced by Ashton Kutcher) escape from the mullet-sporting
hunter, Shaw (Gary Sinise). When they escape to the forest they become lost
just as hunting season begins. Since Boog doesn’t know how to survive outside
of his beloved ranch, they have to work with the wild animals and attempt to
drive the hunters out of the forest. The movie, while not as strong as the
years other contenders in the animation world, is a nice debut for Sony’s
upstart animation division. For the kids, it’s a story of friendship and
teamwork and for the adults, well – it’s a good story for the kids.

Available as a Special Edition and a Blu-Ray Edition

  • MSRP: $28.95
  • Blu-Ray msrp: $38.96
  • Boog and Elliot’s Midnight Bun Run – An all-new exclusive
    animated short
  • Inside the animals studio
  • Wheel of Fortune Forest Edition game
  • Behind the Trees making of featurette
  • The Voices Behind the Stars
  • Voice-A-Rama: See what the characters sound like with
    different accents
  • Uh-Oh, I Wanna Lose Control music video
  • Deleted scenes
  • Filmmakers commentary
  • Ring tales
  • Art gallery
  • Beat boards
  • DVD-Rom link to online fun
  • Sneak peek at Surf’s Up

Farce of the PenguinsFARCE OF THE PENGUINS

by Bob Saget

When I
heard that Bob Saget, of Full House "fame", was trying
to get a movie made that spoofed March of the Penguins, I know it
could not end well. Then after hearing his joke on The Aristocrats,
and realizing it was, by far, the dirtiest one in the movie, I thought the
movie might be a curiosity, if nothing else. Saget himself admitted that his
original concept was to take the actual movie, March of the Penguins,
and then just re-write the voice over dialogue. When he could not get the
rights to the movie, he just grabbed all the stock penguin footage he could
find, grabbed a handful of friends to do voice work (Jason Alexander, James
Belushi and Jason Biggs to name a few) and then had Samuel Jackson do the voice
work. See, Morgan Freeman did the voice work in the first film. Get it? The
movie is released by Think Film, who also released The Aristocrats,
and it is for mature audiences only. Saget actually said that they all
celebrated because they got an R-Rating for a movie with nothing in it but
penguins. The actual chance of this Rated-R penguin DVD being successful is
slim and none, but might be worth checking out just to see how low Saget will

  • MSRP: $19.99
  • To the Earth’s Ice-Hole and Back: A Director’s Journey
  • Behind the Scenes Montage
  • Uncensored Farce of the Penguins Trailer
  • Commentary by Bob Saget
  • Exclusive Menus Featuring Original Footage
  • Never-Before-Seen Bonus Footage
  • Trailer Gallery

Viva Pedro!Viva Pedro – Pedro Almodovar Classics
Collection (Talk to Her/ Bad Education/ All about My Mother/ Women on the Verge
of a Nervous Breakdown/ Live Flesh/ Flower of My Secret / Matador / Law of

Wow. I
almost missed this one. Tuesday marks the day that for just under $90 you can
own eight films by master filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. With the release of his
critically acclaimed Volver, Almodovar has continued a career of putting out
not only some of the best foreign films, but some of the best overall films
anywhere. This amazing set gives you eight of the man’s films, all re-mastered.
It also comes with a ninth disk with three exclusive featurettes and comes with
eight postcards.

We first
go back to 1986 with the film Matador. The film casts Antonio Banderas as
Angel, a bullfighter who confesses to murders he didn’t commit and beings a
relationship with his lawyer Maria (Assumpta Serna). The movie is called a
stylish black comedy about dark sides of human nature. Almodovar won an award
from the National Society of Film Critics in 1988 for his work on this film.

Next up is the 1987 film Law
of Desire (
La ley del
. It focuses on a complex love trianghle between three
men, and focuses on the ways society represses an individuals true desires with
tragic consequences. Antonio Banderas once again stars in the film that helped
introduce Almodovar to the public.

In 1988, Almodovar released Woman on the Verge of a
Nervous Breakdown (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios)
would earn him his first Oscar nomination (for 1989 Best Foreign Language
Film). While it would not win the Oscar, it would win five Goya Awards (Spain’s
version of the Academy Awards) including Best Film and Best Actress in a
leading Role (Carmen Maura, who also appeared in Volver). The film is a comedy
about a woman who searches for her missing lover. She finds his wife and son,
neither of which knows where she is and they all go talk to a lawyer, who just
happens to be dating the missing lover. In keeping with his style of writing
and directing powerful women, Almodovar weaves an often hilarious, and
irreverant comedy very different than any of his previous films. Antonio
Banderas once again stars, as the son of the cheating lover.

Jump ahead to 1995, where Almodovar released The
Flower of My Secret (La flor de mi secreto)
The plot centers on Leo
Macias (Marisa Paredes), a woman writing romance novels under the alias of
Amanda Gris. Unlike her romantic novels, her own life has blossomed to a less
than happy relationship with her husband, a military officer stationed in
Serbia, distant both physically and emotionally. Leo will strive to reinvent
herself, shifting between her origins and new plains. While it received seven
nominations in the 1996 Goya Awards, it won none.

Live Flesh (Carne trémula) was
Almodor’s first film working with Volver star Penelope Cruz. Iw was nominated
for the 1999 BAFTA Non-English Language Film. Loosly based on Ruth Rendell’s
novel Live Flesh, the film opens with a prostitute (Cruz) giving
birth on a city bus. The woman quickly becomes a local celebrity – Madrid’s
local transit system comically awards her a lifetime pass – and although she is
not around 20-years later when the movie’s plot officially gets underway, her
presense is felt throughout. The film, showing her son Victor’s attempts to
deal with love and betrayal, proved to be one of the best films of Almodovar’s
career to that point.

All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre) won
Almodovar his first Oscar, as 2000’s Best Foreign Language Film. Almodovar
dedicated the movie to all women who act. As in Live Flesh, it finds Penelope
Cruz as another pregnant woman, but this time she is coming at it from a completely
differant angle. She portrays Rosa, a Barcelona nun who counsels prostitutes
and transvestites and becomes a surrogate mother for a woman named Manuela who
has recently lost a teenage son. The movie however belongs to Cecilia Roth, the
lead actress who plays Manuela, as she tries to find her deceased son’s father,
a transvestite junkie named Lola. The movie was nominated for fourteen awards
in the 2000 Goya Awards, winning seven of the awards, including Best Film, Best
Director and Best Lead Actress. It remains one of his best films to date.

to Her (
Hable con ella) is the next film in the collection
and was a very interesting look into the lives and minds of two men who care
for two women who just happen to be in comas. It won Almodovar his next Oscar,
this one for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, and he
was also nominated for an award for Best Director. It is the first Almodovar
film that I discovered and one that hold a place in my heart. The film shows
the lives of the four people in flashbacks. To tell much more is to spoil the
movie, but it is another great one from Almodovar and it’s inclusion in this
set is reason enough to buy it.

Bad Education (La mala educación) came
out in 2004.
García Bernal stars in this film, which almost feels like a Hitchcock movie
(much like Vertigo). Bernal plays a stranger who visits film director Enrique
(Fele Martinez) and claims to be a boarding school friend, who was also his
first love interest, Ignacio. Ignacio brings along a short story about their
time together, where they suffered the physical and sexual abuse at the hands
of Father Manolo (
Daniel Giménez Cacho). Enrique knows the man is not who
he claims to be, but plays along to find out what drives this man. The movie is
beautifully shot, well acted and a great movie for any fan of cinema.



past week, the Oscar nominees were released. Nick seemed to be pleased as punch
when his close friend and master filmmaker Guillermo del Toro received SIX
nominations (read Nick’s take on the nominees).
Well, I’m going to take this time to talk about some upcoming Oscar nominated


My pick for the Best picture category is The
. It is not what I consider to be the best movie of the year,
as that goes to Children of Men. However, of this list it is the
one that I would be happiest to see take the gold. The DVD will be released two
weeks before the Oscars, so if you have not yet seen it, you will have a chance
before the awards are given out. The movie will be released on February 13 in
two different formats, a 2-Disk Special Edition and a regular vanilla version.

The 2-Disk version is the one to get, as it will
come with 9 Additional Scenes with Introductions by Director Martin Scorsese, The
Story of the Boston Mob
Featurette, Crossing Criminal Cultures
and the Theatrical Trailer. The basic version includes only the trailer. I
think the special features are kind of weak for a 2-Disk edition, but the
featurettes might surprise me. It will also be released in HD-DVD (on a flipper
disk, the regular vanilla version on one side, the HD version on the other) and
on Blu-Ray the same day.


Babel is set
to be released on February 20, and has met with the same kind of reaction that Crash
met with last year. Former golden boy director Alejandro González Iñárritu
(Amores Perros, 21 Grams) is meeting quite the
backlash as his movie is being described as a dishonest movie that leads its
audience to a very specific conclusion (click here to
read Devin’s review
). This DVD cover is all that is known right now
about the DVD, but rumors have it that only the theatrical trailer is included.
It will probably end up being marked like Crash where a special
edition will be released shortly after the Awards.


Forest Whitaker is the favorite to win after his big
win at the Golden Globes. While his role was praised by critics everywhere,
when we will be able to actually see it is still unknown. A movie that you will
be able to see soon is Half Nelson on February 13. Best Actor
nominee Ryan Gosling’s shines in his role as a junior high school history
teacher who develops a serious drug problem. The DVD will include alternate
scenes (deleted and extended scenes), audio commentaries with the filmmakers,
music videos and outtakes.


You won’t be able to watch Borat on DVD until two
weeks after the Oscars. The movie that I really thought would just be stupid
and panned by critics was loved and praised as one of the smartest comedies of
the year. Some of the biggest news recently is that stupid people who were
filmed doing stupid things tried to stop their scenes from being released on
DVD, which would have crippled the DVD before it was even released. In one
case, two youths from
California claimed
that they were fed mass quantities of alcohol before being convinced to sign
the release forms and then acted like idiots for the camera. A
judge rejected their claim and
the DVD lives on.

It will be released on March 6 and extras will
include five extended/deleted scenes, a
"Bay Watch" Spoof, a compilation of further deleted scenes, a Rodeo
News Report, a World Promotions Tour featurette, a Borat Soundtrack
Infomercial, and a Hebrew language button.


I really enjoyed The Prestige. I
thought both Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale were great in their roles of rival
magicians trying to one-up each other. The twists and turns of the movie were
well done and Christopher Nolan created another movie that showed what a master
craftsman he is. It is up for Best Art Direction against Pan’s Labyrinth
and Best Cinematography against Children of Men, so I can’t
really cheer for it at all. I can however, look forward to owning it on
February 20.

The extra material has yet to be officially
confirmed, but it looks as though there will be a Director’s Notebook
featurette and an artwork gallery. A Blu-ray release will also be available.

Flags of our FathersFLAGS OF OUR FATHERS

of Our Fathers
is the Clint Eastwood movie that was not nominated for
any big awards. It was nominated however for sound editing and sound mixing.
Most reviewers have stated that Letters from Iwo Jima was a
better, more balanced film. Devin mentioned that Flags was terribly
disappointing because “there’s enough goodness to make the bad stuff all the
more obvious” (Devin’s review). While there is
no street date or information about the release of
, Flags will be released on February 6.

Nothing has been mentioned as bonus materials.




Facing the Giants – $16.99
Catch a Fire – $19.99
One Night With the King – $19.99
Unknown – $14.99
Farce of the Penguins – $14.99
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Season One – $14.99 (Best Buy
exclusive bonus disk)
Lucky Louie, Season One – $24.99 (Best Buy exclusive bonus DVD of Louis
CK’s One Night Stand)
Dallas, Season 6 – $27.99
The Passion of the Christ, Definitive Edition – $19.99
Flyboys – $16.99 (Save $5 instantly with the purchase of Flyboys
and The Marine)
Flyboys Special Edition – $24.99
The Marine – $24.99 (Save $5 instantly with the purchase of Flyboys
and The Marine)
ECW Extreme Rules – $14.99 (*25% OFF all WWE and ECW DVDs)

Television Season DVD Specials (every season $19.95
Friends, Sex and the City,
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Da Ali G Show, The A Team, Columbo,
Laguna Beach

$9.99 DVDs: RV, Silent Hill, Benchwarmers, V
For Vendetta
, The Notebook, The Ringer, Waist Deep, She’s
the Man
, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Grandma’s Boy Unrated, When
a Stranger Calls
, Ultraviolet, Firewall, Hustle and Flow
and more.


Season Deluxe Edition
(Target Exclusive) – $22.99
Facing the Giants – $19.99

Open Season – $16.98
Facing the Giants – $16.99
The Marine – $16.99
- $16.99
Flyboys Special Edition
- $24.99
- $17.99
The Gathering
- $19.99
Season 6
- $27.99
I Dream of
Jeanie, Season 3
- $27.99
Law and
Order SVU, Season 3
- $34.99
Louie, Season 1
- $24.99
– Pedro Almodovar Classics Collection (Talk to Her / Bad Education / All About
My Mother / Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown / Live Flesh / Flower of
My Secret / Matador / Law of Desire)


- $15.99 (comes with free paint
and create kid’s activity book)
Flyboys – $17.99 ($5
instantly with the purchase of Flyboys and The Marine)

The Marine – $17.99 ($5 instantly with the
purchase of Flyboys and The Marine)
Catch a Fire – $19.99
Unknown – $14.99 (free movie cash to see Hannibal Rising)
The Hannibal Lecter Collection 3-Disk Set – $19.99
Silence of the Lambs, Collector’s Edition – $17.99
One Night with the King – $19.99
ECW Extreme Rules – $16.99
Dallas, Season 6 – $27.99
Dallas, Seasons 1-5 – $19.99 each

$7.49 DVDs: The Patriot, Man on Fire, Labyrinth, Anaconda,
Ong-Bak – The Thai Warrior, Shaun of the Dead, Bad Boys II, My Best Friends
Wedding, Spider-Man, S.W.A.T., Submerged, A River Runs Through It, Black Hawk
Down, The Dark Crystal, Coach Carter, Blow and The Bourne Identity

$9.99 DVDs: Underworld: Evolution, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pirates of
the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Riddick Trilogy, Basic Instinct 2,
Fun with Dick and Jane, V for Vendetta, The Omen, Serenity, Rent, The Color
Purple, Resident Evil, The Pink Panther, Ultraviolet, Hellboy, Ghostbusters,
Pearl Harbor, Find Me Guilty, E.T.


the Giants
- $16.99
Silence of the Lambs (Collector’s Edition) – $18.89
Catch a Fire – $19.99
Unknown – $13.99
Looker – $13.98
Flyboys – $16.99
Flyboys (2 Disc Collector’s Edition) – $24.99
Open Season – $16.98
One Night With the King – $18.99
Dallas, the Compete Sixth Season – $27.99
Murder She Wrote, the Complete Fifth Season – $34.99
Law and Order SVU, The Third Year – $39.49
I Dream of Jeanie, The Complete Third Season – $29.99
Viva-Pedro – Pedro Almodovar Classics Collection (Talk to Her / Bad
Education / All About My Mother / Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown /
Live Flesh / Flower of My Secret / Matador / Law of Desire)
– $82.99
Lucky Louie, The Complete First Season – $20.99
Big Valley, Season 2, Volume 1 – $27.99
The Marine – $16.99
The Passion of the Christ (Two-Disk Definitive Edition) – $17.99
Band of Angels – $13.98
Farce of the Penguins – $13.99



Just a
quick email to tip you to an error in your Special Edition column for 1/22. The
dvd for This Film Is Not Yet Rated
does in fact come with bonus features. Actually, it comes with pretty much
exactly the ones you’d wished for in your article. And director’s commentary,
to boot!

for the article,
Ju-osh Maurer


for the e-mail. I actually went and bought the DVD Tuesday night and sure
enough saw all the special features I wanted. To update everyone, The DVD for
This Film Is Not Yet Rated includes commentary with the filmmakers, including
Kirby Dick as well as the investigators he hired to track the identities of the
ratings and appeals board