how the M Nighty has fallen. Just a couple of years ago, Nina Jacobson was fired from Disney after she shit on the script for Lady in the Water and the filmmaker split for Warner Bros… where he made the movie and it flopped. After that M Night began shopping around his next script, The Green Effect, and found that no studio was interested. Not interested in a script from a guy who is such a genius he had a book written about what a genius he is! Oh, fickle Hollywood.

Now, in the latest round of “M Night Shyamalan is served up a nice helping of crow, with humble pie for dessert,” the super-intense auteur has taken the notes of the various studio types who turned his film down and is rewriting and retitling the film. In the last incarnation, aliens invade Earth by manipulating our plants and animals – it sounds like an unholy marriage of Signs, Lady in the Water and War of the Worlds. There’s no telling how deep the changes he will make will be, but he also supposedly will return to Hollywood with script in hand, Oliver Twist looking for more grub style, along with a budget and a cast.

If this second foray into studio financing works out, M Night will make The Green Effect (or whatever it ends up being called) before he does his Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, giving Jim Cameron free reign of the name for a couple of years – a release date he will never be able to meet.