So unfortunately this news is coming in a little late, but I’ll get to that in a moment…

Quoth AMC Theaters’ website:

Get ready to watch the greatest Marvel movie event ever held at your local AMC Theatre on May 3rd! Experience THE ULTIMATE MARVEL MARATHON with six movies on one epic day. Watch the heroes’ stories unfold as they assemble for the midnight premiere of The Avengers 3D!

Here’s a list of the six movies being shown at THE ULTIMATE MARVEL MARATHON:

Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

Iron Man 2

Thor in 3D

Captain America in 3D

The Avengers in 3D

The unfortunate part here is that the first batch of tickets already went on sale yesterday, for the following locations:

Boston Common 19         Boston, MA
Burbank 16                    Burbank, CA
Downtown Disney 12      Anaheim, CA
Aventura 24                  Aventura, FL
Empire 25                     New York, NY
Garden State 16            Paramus, NJ
Downtown Disney 24     Lake Buena Vista, FL
Metreon 16                   San Francisco, CA
Alderwood 16                Lynnwood, WA
Tysons Corner 16          McLean, VA

But fear not Marvel and film marathon fans — tickets will go on sale for other AMC Theatres on March 16th. AMC says the expanded list will also be made available on March 16th.