morning’s New York Times has an article about Grindhouse, the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez movie opening this April. It’s the first of what will likely be a zillion pieces about the movie in the months to come – a zillion pieces, each of which will feel the need to define what a grindhouse is – but it has some fascinating bits, including some very standard Quentin Tarantino hyperbole.

Tarantino’s segment, Death Proof, will contain a car chase that he hopes isn’t just great… but maybe the greatest. It will be “one of the greatest car chases, if not the greatest car chase ever made. I’ll take Top Three,” he told the newspaper.

But it isn’t just in the car chase department where QT feels he’s maxing things out – he’s saying that the script contains “some of the best dialogue I’ve ever written in my life.” In fact, he thought it was so good that he sent a copy of the script to Bob Dylan, thinking he “would appreciate the wordplay.” Dylan hasn’t been in touch, which is too bad, because this is exactly the kind of movie that could a complete “what the fuck” cameo from Bob Dylan – and I can imagine him actually liking it.

The article also presents a new side of Tarantino – a side where he isn’t hyping up multiple future projects that never happen. Harvey Weinstein mentions his interest in having QT and Rodriguez direct more Grindhouse films, or at least produce them, but QT is cautious about it: “Who knows if we’ll do it?” he said. “We say we’re going to do all this stuff. I was going to do a bunch of Japanese animation sequels and prequels to ‘Kill Bill.’ Haven’t seen them lately, have you?”