by Bill Randolph

Kitty Pryde and all characters therein are trademarks
of Marvel Comics. This story is an unauthorised work done purely for my personal
enjoyment, and is not intended to infringe on any of their rights in or their
profits from these characters. Sex-Man is a copyrighted term of Bill Randolph Productions.

Kitty knew what the boys liked. The boys liked the hot sticky feel of a young happening hand phasing through their pants. This is a story of her hot, sexy adventures.

One evening after a Danger Room exercise, Kitty came 
through the main hall and came face to
face with this short skinny kid with the biggest black
eye she had ever
seen. He was way too skinny and the black eye was the
cutest thing
on him. He wore a standard X-Baby uniform of
blue and gold.

Kitty introduced herself and was ready to meet her
latest target. It had only been days
since Colossus had dumped her for the woman he
met on Beyonder's world.

Why was Kitty so willing to get her heart broken again?
Well, it had been
days since she bumped cunts with Illyana.
What's a girl to do?

The young kid introduced himself as Billy and he stated
that his powers consisted
of monster sexing. When Kitty asked about these powers,
Billy unleashed his inner psionic demons.

A giant pink tinged laser cock sphered Kitty.
Kitty couldn't phase out of the cock,
as Billy held her bound. "I ahm the Sex Man"
exclaimed Billy. Kitty could
feel herself giving way to his charms.
She knew tonight was going to be the night
that she lost her psionic virginity.
Tonight was the night for love with a Sex-Man.

That's when I took Kitty to the bedroom, which was
 the biggest in the X-Mansion.
The Sex-Man was the greatest gifted youngster and
 he had a talent for getting what he wanted.
That included Kitty Pryde spread eagle on his bed.

She had her legs spread and knees up when the Sex-Man
was at his peak. I crawled on
the bed with her, lying on my side facing her.
I ran my hand over the back
of her legs. I squirted KY on my middle finger
and put it to her mouth.

This is where I stopped trying to put together a story for
Mr. Randolph.
He had horrified me and led me to believe that my CHUD blog
wasn't the best place for him.

That’s why I’m moving out of the interviewing weirdos racket and trying to introduce comic book memories into the mix. It’s bound to be better than this shit.