’s out of town and having a great time abroad. And that means you have a rare chance to enjoy some main page material on the Batman Begins franchise free of venomous snark (You’re welcome). And based on the following tidbit, it’s earned the reprieve.

According to the scoopers at Latino Review, one of the more glaring flaws in the first flick – Katie Holmes as Blandy McYawnerson….I mean Rachel Dawes – is being corrected for the sequel, The Dark Knight. Apparently, the role will stay put, but another actress will inspire Christian Bale to abandon his not-quite-convincing gruff voice and yell her name at the top of his lungs during a high-speed chase.

I think it’s the best possible option given that they actually put some work in the first film in an attempt to make her a slightly more substantial love interest than, say, Vicki Vale, or whoever Elle McPherson’s character was supposed to be in Batman and Robin. You just need a better actress than Katie Holmes to take the character there. Given that pretty much all of the other casting has been rock solid thus far, I expect to get that actress this time out.

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