Alexander Aja has managed to make a batch of pretty diverse horror movies — some good, some bad — that suggest he’s got serious chops that just desperately require a good script to flourish. So while I can expect Undying Love to be a well-constructed film, I can currently only guess if graphic novelists and screenwriters Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman will cough up the kind of script that will do justice to Aja’s filmmaking skill.

The writing duo are adapting their own graphic novel into a screenplay for Warner Brothers, who optioned the story of a soldier who’s fallen in love with a beautiful Chinese vampire whose creator must be destroyed in order for her to become human again. So really this mixes Blade with a sort of anti-Twilight in which a human meets a vampire, and instead of falling in with her crowd and becoming desperate to be turned, he murders everyone like her until she’s human again. Built around Chinese mythology, the comic also apparently mixes in an underground mob element as the powerful vampire apparently commands quite an army to protect him.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but this sounds like a good way for Aja to expand his wheelhouse a bit, without entirely leaving it.

Also: Vampires. Tired. Etc.

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Source | Deadline (via JoBlo)