If the fond footage success Project X was the kind of film that inspired exactly the kind of response you’d have expected long before its release, Chronicle was a similar sort of film that seemed to shock everyone. An excellently constructed exercise in pacing and escalation, it also featured compelling characters and just enough scale to transcend its budget and genre.

For those reason I’m happy to see Max Landis has (like Project X writer Michael Bacall) been asked to begin scripting a sequel to the film, even though the last one definitely took its story to a pretty definitive conclusion. We’re dealing with superheroes though, so there’s always a way to keep things going. What will be harder (and is a challenge most found footage movies face) is justifying the filmmaking conceit a second time around. The alternative (and this is an idea I though of and loved immediately as I walked out of the theater) is to just make the sequel like a traditional narrative superhero movie, with the found footage left behind at the origin story.

Unlikely, but that would be a fun way to start a franchise.

There’s no word on the return of Actors or other principles at this point, but that info will start to come if and when this gets a greenlight. If you haven’t yet caught Chronicle, consider this your last push to do so- it’s a great little movie.

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Source | Deadline (via A/V Club)