The trailer made it clear that the PR group working on Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom has all manner of spectacular images to source promotional images from, but for the first poster they decided on this very sweet, illustrative one-sheet design…

…It’s certainly an unusual film poster, eye-grabbing by virtue of its whimsical sweetness. I’m sure we’ll get many more fanciful posters between now and May 25th, but this is a great start.

I’ve never had strong feeling on Wes Anderson either way, but the Fantastic Mr. Fox apparently did a number on me because the Moonrise trailer has gotten me very excited. Either I’m just now coming around or the director has finally gotten a grasp on his affectations in such a way that I’m finding them more compelling. We’ll all find out in May.

Also, /Film pointed out to me that some images popped up earlier this week, though they don’t really capture anything that wasn’t in the trailer. I’ve included them below.

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