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MSRP 26.98
RUNNING TIME 105 minutes
STUDIO: Lion’s Gate
• Commentary with “Funny or Die” Producer Mike Farah, Writer/Director Christopher Farah and Producer Anna Wenger
• Behind the Scenes with cast and Crew Interviews
• Love Letter to Ann Arbor
• Deleted Scenes
• Outtakes
• Trailer Gallery

The Pitch

Comedy set in the world of competitive bar trivia, centering around a group of frustrated academics who finally get a shot at beer, women and nerdy redemption when they enter a citywide trivia tournament.

The Humans

Writer/Director Christopher Farah Starring Christopher Gorham, Arielle Kebbel, Nelson Franklin, Kip Pardue and Chris Parnell

The Nutshell

A mostly by the numbers christian rom com that loves Ann Arbor Michigan than the romantic theme of this film.


The Lowdown

You don’t need to see this movie if you don’t have any connection to the University of Michigan, or Ann Arbor, Michigan. There are some christian subplots mixed in as most of the school stuff revolves around a Bible as Literature class, but please don’t think this is a Kirk Cameron film that is fully based in religion, it just has one of the main story lines revolve around the class and a dissertation on the Bible.

I love my hometown. Anyone that knows me, will tell you I am a walking guide for movies and shows filmed in Pittsburgh. I don’t live there anymore which gives it even more nostalgia when watching Kingpin, The Road or Dogma. That’s why I can understand that there are going to be people out there that love this film. If they don’t love it, they will still most likely own it, just because it reminds them of their past. If you are a Michigan alumni, most of the story is meant to take place at the University of Michigan and in one spot they even wind up at a Wolverines football game.

I really hope 30 Rock goes on forever

The Bible as Literature class is taught by the father of our lead. I have to believe this actor either idolizes the off kilter shaking and attention that defines Lewis Black, or the real life retired professor is just a little better suited for classrooms and community theater. He uses a line that is carried throughout the film “Yea Nay”, which might have been an appropriate title, seeing as how little time was spent on the main subject of trivia competition.

The trivia contest spans 6 nights of trivia. The best part of the trivia, and possibly the whole film is comic delivery of Chris Parnel(Dr Spaceman on 30 Rock), who plays the trivia host. I can’t say the leads were really bad actors, but anytime this man was on the screen, it presented a different environment completely. Evan Jones’ Izzy ‘Ice’ character who is enlisted to help the nerds with sports, also presented a good dynamic during the trivia scenes, and if more of the 105 minutes had been spent with these two characters, I believe the film would have been much better, and even lived up to it’s trivia infused title.

What was I smoking when I agreed to do this movie?

The story progress like every cookie cutter rom com out there involving an almost 30 year old living with his parents, not wanting to grow up and the quirky, not family friendly hot girl that introduces him to there being more in life that what your parents say you must do. Throw in the best friend who is a pervert, interested in anything female, acts smarter than he is but is socially inept and you know the story. You probably know the ending without having to watch the movie, and you may even be able to make up more jokes and humorous situations than you will likely encounter in this hour and 45 minute long tribute to a college and town that you probably have no vested interest in. If you do happen to be alumni or a town resident, I can see a reason to look by the formula film and make the purchase for your own nostalgia.

They made T-shirts to remember this film

The Package

There are a number of special features, including a commentary by the 3 creators of Funny or Dieand Answer This!, a 5 minutes correctly A Love Letter to Ann Arbor, a making of featurette, and 3 outtake scenes. They also included 3 deleted scenes which the first two may have been funny if left in the film. Overall, a decent set of extras for a sub par cookie cutter rom com movie.

Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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