That there is our first look at The Lone Ranger, which after a complex and well-covered budgeting process is finally getting started. The picture sources from a Burckheimer tweet, and is more of a stylized promo still than a suggestion of what the film will look like. Still, we see the approach to the costumes here, and though the Ranger’s outifit looks like the usual tarted-up Hollywood gloss interpretation of a silly outifit, if that’s Tonto’s makeup the entire film one has to give them points for being bold.

Bold though it may be, it’s hard not to see some serious coasting on Jack Sparrow’s outfit in the design of this one. Mostly it’s the broad head-wrap and busy hair accessories, though with that face make-up Tonto is looking like an undead Jack Sparrow if anything. I’m sure it all maintains perfect fidelity to actual Native American garb of course, which would jibe with Depp’s efforts to pay tribute to their culture with this film.

As the film gets under way, Armie Hammer is already quite excited about the massive shoot to come, telling MTV that Depp is “fantastic,” and describing the tone of the film a bit more.

“It’s very much like a buddy comedy,” Hammer explained. “It’s sort of like these two guys agreeing, and disagreeing, and getting along and then not getting along. There’s all kind of stuff rolled into it. It’s like an action adventure [film], it takes place on the frontier so it’s not expressly like a Western with the twirling guns and stuff like that, but it’s going to be fun.”

So where on your radar of “fuck it” to “fuck yeah” does this land these days?

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