Looks like Warner Brothers is happy to keep the never-ending party going, as they’re already positioning the pieces of a sequel to their minor hit, Project X. The film scared up quite a lot of dough in addition to all the hatred and controversy that followed its opening weekend, and with the found footage flick costing relatively little, it’s only natural WB would want to soak that concept again.

The movement towards a sequel comes in the form of a greenlight to write a screenplay from the the studio to writer Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim). This is far short of a project fast-track, but it’s still a pretty clear move considering they haven’t even seen the second-weekend hold yet.

There’s obviously no word on how the plot might change or escalate, or whether the plan is to bring back the original cast. Surely they’ll bring the three original douche characters back in some capacity, especially considering WB’s luck with comedy threesomes.

However, considering the flack Bacall has specifically gotten for writing a movie that so shamelessly embraces the immature, irresponsible, and misogynistic point-of-view of its characters, I can’t imagine they’re not considering some kind of female-oriented take on the concept as well. It would certainly make my catchy headline into a prescient chromosome joke. Regardless, there’s almost zero chance there won’t be a very flashy, prominent female character included to balance out the criticisms at the very least.

I really, definitely liked Project X for reasons I describe at length in my review, which has convinced exactly zero people. Still, they definitely have to do some cool, crazy or interesting shit to get even me interested in another go around with these unlikeable people and their low-tolerance mayhem.

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Source | THR