Prison revenge is back guys! With The Rock having taken his turn at the genre in Faster not all that long ago, we now have two projects boiling in Hollywood that will have major stars get out of the joint to immediately wreck some ass. Out Of The Furnace is even boasting some truly A-grade talent and looks like a step above your usual January action flick. The other is a film called Motor City that was one of two blacklisted scripts from screenwriter Chad St. John, and is now becoming a starring vehicle for Jake Gyllenhaal to be directed by Albert Hughes.

Gyllenhaal is a late addition to the project, which began its life as a Chris Evans film before Dominic Cooper came on and then left again. The prince o’ Persia himself isn’t yet signed, but he’s expected to do so soon, joining Gary Oldman and Amber Heard.

The film is a unique that may tickle your Drive bone if only because it was at least written as a film with virtually no dialogue, save for a single important line. I’m not sure if that concept is still accurate, but one hopes there’s something interesting about the post-prison revenge thriller making it through the studio meat-grinder.

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Source | Variety