This time last year Old Murder House Theater company was slaying SXSW audiences with their Back To The Future: Live! show at the Alamo Drafthouse’s Highball lounge. A mere few months ago the groups up’d the stakes and took on James Cameron’s Aliens as an ice-set musical, selling out their biggest crowds yet.

Now they’re upping the stakes with a nation-wide tour of their next project, Jurassic Farce Live-Action Dino Show: US TOUR, and you’re hearing it here on first.

That’s largely because I’m managing the tour.

This group of ragtags have always been pals of mine since these shows first started on a front porch in Savannah, but now I’m teamed up with director Sam Eidson officially and have been helping put this tour together. The cries of “take it on the road!” have gotten louder with every show these guys have done, and now it’s time to pull that trigger. We’re putting together a hell of a show that will journey across this fine land, hitting 11 different cities along its way, but to do so we need your help.

Yep, it’s a Kickstarter bitches.

Take a look at the video…

I’ve included the full press release below, but I’d encourage you to take a trip over to the project’s KS page and see what we have to offer. This is most importantly an opportunity to pre-order tickets with some extra goodies, and to make sure the project has the resources to come together properly in the first place.

I’ll leave it there. Check out the KS and read the press release below for more info. Here are the cities and tentative dates:

Austin, TX  …  June 10th
Houston, TX  …  June 12th
New Orleans, LA  …  June 14th
Atlanta, GA  …   June 16th
Washington D.C.  …  June 18th
New York, NY  …   June 20th
Boston, MA  …  June 21st
Chicago, IL  …  June 23rd
San Francisco, CA  …  June 26th
Los Angeles, CA  …   June 28th
Dallas, TX  …   July 1st
Austing, TX (Encore)  …  July 3rd

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OLD MURDER HOUSE THEATER Debut JURASSIC FARCE –From The Creators Of ALIENS ON ICE! — By Launching Kickstarter, Pre-Selling TIckets, And Distributing Clumsy Press Releases! 

JURASSIC FARCE — LIVE-ACTION DINO SHOW: US TOUR To Roar (HAHAHA, Get it?!) Across America This Summer


An 11-city tour, 65.00002 million years in the making…


Who: Old Murder House Theatre, creators of ALIENS On Ice! and Robocop: Live!

What: A 11-city nationwide tour of their next motion-picture play… JURASSIC FARCE Live-Action Dino Show: US TOUR

When: June, 2012

Where: Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas

Why: Because after hundreds of tickets sold and hundreds of thousands of online views, the cries of “take it on the road!” could no longer be denied!

How: With your help by way of the JURASSIC FARCE Kickstarter project!


Austin, Texas — March 7th, 2012 — After half-a-dozen increasingly popular shows climaxing with the audience smash hit and online viral favorite Aliens On Ice!, the Old Murder House Theater troupe have decided to return to their roots and re-stage the first show they ever performed on the front porch of the troupe’s namesake house in Savannah, GA. It’s with great pleasure that Murder House will present a stage parody 65.00002 million years in the making: Jurassic Farce Live-Action Dino Show: US TOUR. And this time… they’re bringing it to YOUR town- at least, if you live in Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Dallas!

While literally hundreds of billions of online viewers have shown their enthusiasm for Old Murder House Theater productions – which combine live, improvisational comedy and full-length parody performances of classic films — only a lucky few hundred have ever been able to witness an actual performance. Staged everywhere from back porches to ice skating rinks to rock concert spaces, the shows have invariably sold-out or filled up every space in which they’ve been performed, leaving the curious forced to experience the show through YouTube clips and second-hand review.

That is — clearly — like, total bullshit.

Well now Murder House is offering the opportunity for more film geeks and comedy fans to enjoy the show in-person than ever before, but to do so they need a little help…

The JURASSIC FARCE Kickstarter Campaign

With such an ambitious plan to visit cities north and south on both coasts of the United States, Murder House is looking for help from the thousands of enthusiastic fans across the web through the creation of a JURASSIC FARCE Kickstarter campaign. Not only does this campaign provide fans with their first opportunity to secure a ticket to one of the shows, there is also a ton of merchandize and rewards awaiting contributors. The group hopes to raise enough funds through donations and pre-sales to put together a hell of a tour and bring it to great venues in each of the planned cities. Running through March and the first weeks of April, the Kickstarter will be a great opportunity for fans and the curious alike to support this ambitious, unique project.

About The Shows

Aliens On Ice! Clip Reel Link

On the surface, an Old Murder House Theater motion-picture play is simply twisted, caricatured recreation of a beloved film favorite on the stage. But to actually experience an OMHT show is to discover that they are something else entirely: hand-crafted, exhaustively detailed, cuttingly satirical, batshit insane, EXPLOSIVELY DESTRUCTIVE AND WORLDENDINGLYPORTENDINGOFDOOM- – –

…they’re consistently hilarious, frequently disturbing, but always entertaining live shows that simultaneously parody and pay homage to your favorite films. Be it mashing up Die Hard andHome Alone or re-staging James Cameron’s Aliens as an ice-rink musical, OMHT is always finding a new way to re-envision a classic film, and turn everything Hollywood has taught you about blockbusters upside down. But while the deliberately low-tech aesthetic may consist mostly of cardboard, duct-tape, spraypaint, and fireworks, it is the relentless talent of the OMHT troupe that gives each play its special charm…

About The Old Murder House Theater

An amorphous group of rag-tags, filmmakers, actors, artists, and dipshits, Old Murder House Theatre is led by the inimitable Sam Eidson with a mission to present the most mind-blowing, in-your-face theater ever conceived by man or animal (or manimal). Now infamous for their motion-picture plays that have entertained thousands in Savannah, GA and Austin, TX, the group has set their sites on conquering the nation…

From The Lion King to Die Hard to Robocop, no blockbuster has been or will be safe, no childhood favorite too sacred for Old Murder House Theater to target with their unique brand of loving parody, wicked humor, and utter disregard for Hollywood gloss. Putting it simply: OMHT is graffiti theater, boldly tagged across the front of the Hollywood sign…

Currently the troupe consists of Director and Performer Sam Eidson, backed by producer Renn Brown, and prop-master and performer Josh Jones. The cast is rounded out by Nate Sakulich (also the 2D prop master), Byron Brown, Kirk Johnson, and John Merriman. Elise Garza outfits the troupe, while Matt Moore and Kevin Singles support them back stage. Finally, Isaac Hammons sound design and Craig Dunlavey’s music ensure the production is as fun to hear as it is to watch.

What Folks Have Been Saying About Murder House

“…unparalleled chaos…”

“It’s a miracle of live performance. Truly joyful and transcendent…”
– Jacob Hall,

“…no amount of description could possibly capture the absolute joy these shows inspire in an audience, or how overwhelmingly creative the final product really is.”
– Scott Wampler,

“Those few who’ve witnessed The Old Murder House Theatre and their hilarious brand of comedy can attest to seeing something they won’t soon forget.”
– J.C. De Leon,

“The single dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe Thinkgeek actually linked to this. 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.”
-rpgfx, Comments

“…entertaining, hilarious, and balls-out impressive…”

“…the funniest fucking show I have seen in a long time.”


Old Murder House Theatre can be found online through their page on Facebook and their stream on Twitter.