• http://www.chud.com/graphics13/logothud.jpgThis
    is a couple of weeks old, but The Futon Critic released their annual “50 Best
    Episodes of 2006”
    over the first week of the year. The Top
    Ten: 10. 24: Day 5: 7:00 a.m-8:00 a.m; 9. Dexter: Pilot; 8. Smith:
    Pilot; 7. Veronica Mars: Not
    Pictured; 6. Friday Night Lights: Pilot; 5. The Office: Casino
    Night; 4. How I Met Your Mother: Slap Bet; 3. The Shield: Post
    Partum; 2. The Wire: Final Grades; 1.Battlestar Galactica:
    Exodus, Part 2. While
    predictable at times (they did, however, single out the better Grey’s
    s of ’06), I’m sure you’ll find something to gripe about. I
    did—where the hell are ‘Devil’s Trap’ from Supernatural and House’s
    third season premiere? And the out-of-left-field, blame-it-all-on-Beaver Mars
    finale? Weevil, please. The full list can be found here:

  • From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. How
    Did We Miss This One? A&E, the network that brought us Growing up Gotti,
    American Justice
    (freaking out crime nerds since 1996), Dog the Bounty
    , and reruns of The Rockford Files, greenlit the “true-life”
    series The Coreys in September. The Coreys, whose full title is The
    Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys
    is an eight-episode show about exactly what
    it sounds like—if what you’re picturing sounds like Dickie Roberts: Former
    Child Star
    meets You, Me, and Dupree. Corey “Mouth” Feldman lives a
    suburban existence with his life Suzie, until “extenuating circumstances” force
    Corey “Not Mouth” Haim to move with them. Hilarity, I bet, ensues. There’s no
    word on when The Coreys will air or if there will be vampire-fighting
    involved, but I hereby promise to keep you, the reader, up to date with the
    latest news on this future Emmy nominee.

  • One of the reasons that Law & Order:
    Special Victims Unit
    (or as my friend Amy calls it, “The Rape Show”)
    remains top dog in the L&O multi-verse is its cavalcade of stars. This
    season, we’ve already had Michael K. Williams, Bob Saget, and Kal Penn as
    creepy perverts, and now, WWE “superstar” Bill Goldberg joins their ranks.
    Goldberg guest stars as Cupid, a crazed convict who—no horseshit, Jack—tosses
    Christopher Meloni through a window
    . That might not put him in the SVU Hall
    O’ Fame alongside Will Arnett and Chad Lowe, but it’s close. The episode,
    “Loophole,” airs February 3rd at 10 PM on NBC.

  • Eric “McBrightside” Roberts is joining Heroes
    and its cast of thousands, reports TV.com. The brother of Julia “Not A
    Horseface” will play an associate of Horned-Rim-Guy. I’ve only seen the last
    five minutes of every Heroes, so I can’t tell you if he’s going to be
    mysterious or not, but I’m guessing…guy might have an agenda. Heroes
    returned from its winter break on Monday the 22nd, where it beat out
    the Jack Bauer Power Hour (yeah, I still call it that) to win the 9:00-10:00
    timeslot—although Charlie Sheen and the I-hear-its-dirty Two and a Half Men
    beat them both at 9:00-9:30.

  • Tony Burton Slow-Mo ‘No’ News of the Day:
    Universal target of nerd hate Akiva Goldsman will wr executive-produce the Fox
    pilot The Cure. You know that episode of ‘Scrubs’ where Dr. Kelso
    refuses to help someone sick out because of Sacred Heart’s bureaucracy and Dr.
    Cox goes behind his back, cutting through all that red tape to get the patient
    ‘the cure’ they need? It’s like that, except executive-produced by Akiva

  • James Badge Dale, best known to audiences as
    “That other guy from The Departed,” has joined the cast of Denis Leary’s
    new pilot Fort Pit. Badge plays Bobby Bonelli, a rookie NYPD cop
    assigned to a Brooklyn precinct where all unconnected rookies and bad cops get
    sent. (Does that mean it’s the largest precinct in New York?) Leary will
    executive produce the series with his ‘Rescue Me’ buddy Peter Tolan, so I’m
    guessing it’s going to be edgy, funny, and controversial. TV.com lists Fort
    at ABC, while Futon Critic has it at NBC. If Fort Pit makes it
    to series, look for it on TV somewhere this fall.

  • Like the last two-and-a-half seasons of Lost
    and Battlestar Galactica, The Shield is a series I’ve needed to
    catch up but never had the time or inclination to. (I’m just now getting into The
    .) The sad thing is that, being the TV nerd that I am, I know pretty
    much all the major plot twists and shockers at this point. That’s my
    long-winded way of telling you FX announced a premiere date for the sixth
    season premiere: Tuesday, April 3rd. Creator and executive producer
    Shawn Ryan announced that the season is ten episodes long, focuses on Detective
    Vic Mackey’s search for Lem’s killer, and that Forest Whitaker will return as
    IA Investigator John Kavanaugh.

  • Speculation Alert! Patricia Heaton must have
    been tired of slinging bullshit for the religious right, because she’s ‘in
    discussions’ to star in Action News, a new comedy produced by 20th
    Century Fox TV. Fox TV is also ‘in discussions’ with Kelsey “Hey, I was the
    best thing about X-Men 3!” Grammer to play opposite Heaton in the show, which
    comes from the guys who brought you Just Shoot Me and Greg the Bunny.
    Guess what they’d be playing? News anchors. Fox actually gets some credit on
    this one, as they’re waiting to secure Heaton and Grammer’s involvement before
    shopping the project to the networks. Four men enter, one man leaves!

  • I wonder what Lonelygirl15 would sound like
    if she was British: The International Herald Tribune reported that the BBC said
    Monday it, too, was ‘in discussions’ with internet leviathan (because behemoth
    was just too tiny) Google to put some of its shows on “Time’s Thing of the
    Year” YouTube. Hey, if this means I can watch old seasons of Bad Girls
    in the ‘privacy’ of my own home without having to pay up for BBC America, I say
    go for it. (There’s an American version of Bad Girls on its way from FX
    in 2008.)