I'm Falling. You're Falling. We're Falling.The last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of 300. The studio is churning things out so fast, it’s hard to keep up. One poster iteration after another after a new trailer after another poster after another trailer. I’ve worried about overkill in posting these, but 300 is pretty highly anticipated by a lot of folks and it’s always easy on the eyes, so step up and receive yet another dose of Spartania from Zach Snyder and company.

Warner Brothers has released what is being declared as the final one-sheet for the movie. As can be seen, you and the masses are commanded to prepare for glory. The kind of glory that comes from flailing off a cliff at the hands of a bunch of sweaty guys in leather underpants.

If you live in Berlin, or just happen to own a German summer home you visit regularly, you’ll be able to catch 300 on February 8 thanks to the Berlin Film Festival. As the rest of us are aware, 300 won’t hit wide US release until March 9.