• http://www.chud.com/graphics13/logothud.jpgNBC ordered full-season pick-ups last week
    for the 2007-2008 season last week for four of its hit shows—The Office,
    My Name is Earl, Heroes, and Law & Order: Special Victims
    . Sorry, those of you waiting for Jim and Pam to get together, Earl to
    finish crossing things off his list, and Stabler to shoot up a NAMBALA meeting
    with an M-16—you’ll have to wait one more year. NBC also announced that the
    game show Identity—for viewers that thought the guessing game Deal or
    No Deal
    was too smart—would return in March. Whether host Penn Jillette
    will include an Aristocrats performer or Joe Franklin on the panel remains to
    be seen.

  • Rob Thomas revealed in an interview with
    internet masters of snark Television Without Pity that Paul Rudd of Anchorman,
    The 40-Year-Old Virgin
    , and Overnight Delivery, will appear in
    episode 17 of Thomas’s CW drama Veronica Mars. Rudd will play a
    washed-up, brooding British rock star that thinks star Kristin Bell smells like
    a burger. (My only other Rudd joke is that someone will ask someone else how
    they know they’re gay, but I already used that one today.) Veronica Mars
    returns to the CW on Tuesday, January 23rd.

  • Chokegate II: Just When You Thought It Was
    Safe To Enjoy Your Crappy Yet Still Compelling Medical Drama—Washington denied
    it. Knight confirmed it. ABC distanced itself from it. Heigl stormed out at the
    Golden Globes over it. Preston Burke may once again be leaving Seattle Grace because
    of it. Now you know about it. Let’s get over it.

  • Reuters and TV.com reports that Guy Richie,
    better known at this point for being married to Madonna, will executive produce
    and direct Suspects, a pilot for ABC. The crime drama (gee, what a
    shock) follows each suspect in a case until one of them reveals the truth. No
    word on whether those crimes will include directing Swept Away. (Too
    easy? Too easy.) I’m anticipating the fanboy drool over a potential Jason
    Statham cameo far more than the pilot itself.

  • HBO is attempting to fill the upcoming gaps
    in its schedule once The Wire, The Sopranos, and Rome (among
    others) leave the air for good by picking up two new shows, Treatment
    and 12 Miles
    of Bad Road
    . Treatment stars
    Gabriel “Madigan Men” Byrne as a gifted therapist who turns into a monster once
    he’s seeing his own shrink. (Not a literal monster, that was End of Days.)
    It’s based on the popular Israeli series, and HBO’s ordered 45 episodes of the
    half-hour show, which means it must be good, or HBO must really be kicking
    themselves for canning Deadwood.

  • HBO’s other new pick-up, 12 Miles of Bad
    is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son
    who had no choice but to keep them all together…except with Lilly Tomlin. If
    you think I’m kidding, check out the summary from Reuters: “[The show]
    stars Tomlin as the matriarch of a wealthy Texas family whose
    real estate business and absurd wealth complicate the simplest family matters.”
    And I thought Grey’s Anatomy was the only one ripping off great shows
    left, right, and center.

  • Even when you’re dead, Jeff
    Goldblum is still watching you poop. Or he will be, anyway, when his show Raines
    premieres Thursday, March 15th in ER’s 10 PM slot for two
    weeks before moving to Fridays at 9. Raines, created by Boomtown
    impresario (there’s another show I need to watch) Graham “Hey, Dude” Yost,
    features Goldblum as an LAPD detective (named, you guessed it, Michael Raines)
    who uses his imagination to talk to murder victims. The series also stars Luis
    Guzman, who is almost guaranteed to be the best part of the show. (Unless, of
    course, Goldblum actually shows us what it would be like to have him watch
    somebody poop.)