Goblin. Ninja. Harry.As the first big ol’ movie to kick off the summer season, Spider-Man 3 is only three and a half months away. As the the line of demarcation between May 4 and Spidey fans grows thinner, the Spider-Man 3 website grows fatter. And by fatter I mean filled with all kinds of webby Spider-Fan minutia.

Available at the Sony Pictures index page, the official Spider-Man 3 site features the usual pictures galore, trailers, a blog (with the latest entry musing on Spider-Man 4 and why so many villains this round), RSS feeds and the like.

The pictures aren’t too spoilery, but there’s quite a few and it looks like there’s plans to add more. The screensavers, however, do show a hi-res close-up of the new Green Goblin as seen here. The one that loves snowboarding. While the design here (maligned across message boards around the globe) doesn’t adhere to the Goblin mythos in virtually any way (besides the fact Harry covers his naked body with it), if you can get past the Gen X look (Is it Gen Y now? Z? Whatever.) and overall generic aesthetic, the polarized goggles make young Mr. Osborn look, dare I say it… kind of cool. Then again, this coming from a guy who thinks any kind of eyewear with polarization makes people look cool. Oakley blade-wearing Raider fan, I’m looking at you.

View Spidey goodness to your hearts content, watch trailers over and over again and make your computer the vortex of all things Spider-Man 3 right here.