of the oddest choices of the Spider-Man franchise thus far has been the inclusion of Dr. Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker (a man who has done a fantastic job of overcoming a very signature role of cinema’s creepiest pedophile in Happiness), in all three movies. Fans of the comics know that Dr. Connors is destined to accidentally become the Lizard while trying to replace his own missing arm, and every time a new Spider-Man movie is announced the “the Lizard will finally show up!” rumors begin anew.

Baker’s waiting patiently for his turn in the purple pants, but he’s feeling that the next Spidey movie could be his moment to wreak some havoc. “All I can say is we’re going to see a lot more of [me] at some point if what Sam says is true, and Sam is the guy who knows, so I am sticking with him,” Baker tells iFMagazine in an interview. I know that producer Avi Arad, who loves the Lizard, has long been pushing for the character – he told me over the summer that he thinks we’ll see him in Spider-Man 4.

What’s most interesting about Baker’s quote is that it sort of makes it sound like he fully expects Sam Raimi to be back for a fourth Spidey movie. There’s already a ton of speculation about whether the director would go with the fourpeat, and while Baker’s not exactly in the inner circle and probably only does a couple of days on each film, he’s obviously getting some vibe from Raimi that he’ll be around for a number four.