Were it not for the prestigious cast and crew, Out Of The Furnace would sound like any old Statham/Rock/Wahlberg B-action flick, but the out-of-prison revenge tale has definitely amassed some A-grade talent.  Writer/Director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) has already lured Christian Bale to star in the film — as Daniel thoroughly covered — and now Zoe Saldana has joined on to play the wife of the town sheriff, also coincidentally Bale’s character’s ex wife.

Saldana is a confirmed addition to the cast, while folks like Robert Duvall and Viggo Mortenson are still circling the respective roles of Bale’s brothers, and the bad guy who violently kills Bale’s brother and sets off this whole revenge hullabaloo. If both of those guys pens land on contracts, then this will become even more exciting of a project.

The film will be made in the style of a 1970s thriller, but will have the modern might of the Scott brothers and Leo Dicaprio producing, so this is no small throwback effort. Expect more casting updates soon.

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Source | Variety