Looks like MGM wants a little taste of some dat Of The Titans action, as they’ve given Brett Ratner the go-ahead to move forward with a Hercules movie. Dwayne Johnson will star as the goosed-up man-god, and will presumably kick lots of CGI ass in a rousing blockbuster adventure.

The film is adapting a graphic novel called Hercules: The Thracian War, which is a tale from Stephen Moore about a Hercules long after his labors, still pained by the loss of his family. This version of the half-god has hooked up with a group of half-a-dozen other wandering warriors who form a sort of ancient A-Team and travel around being violent for money. The story begins with the group being hired by a Thracian king to train his army and follows them as they realize… some shit about redemption. Whatever. Biceps!

Either way, this expanded universe mythological tale will film in New Zealand starting in the fall for a 2014 release. Of course that’s just enough time for Wrath of the Titans to tank and have MGM join in on the Hollywood plug pulling, but I think all of that is very unlikely.

Fuck a Ratner film, but I’m happy to see The Rock getting action roles at the pace and scale he deserves. Having a supernove of charisma at the center of the film– rather than the cardboard standee of the Titans films –already gives this a leg-up on the WB myth tentpoles.

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Source | Variety