Dinner's Served, beetches.300 is a film that’s getting humped every which way from the film geek crowd (I’m doing my duty around the ankle parts), but one I haven’t heard a lot of buzz around from the mainstream movie goer. When March 9 rolls around, it will be interesting to see if the masses jump on board. Similarly themed and marketed Sin City ended up taking the number one spot and $29 million on its debut, but with the recent disinterest in the “sword and sandal” genre, who knows.

Regardless, I’ll continue to do my part in the humping. So, for everyone desiring more 300 eye candy, three new 300 shorts are available. They’re mostly truncated versions of stuff that’s been seen in the longer trailers, but there are a few new lines and images to placate your auditory and ocular jonesing.

The lessons from the trailer, however, are the same. Don’t insult the Queen of Sparta. Don’t run in front of rhinoceri.

Dine in Hell here.